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Numbers (2023)


Ho Woo is the first and only high school graduate accountant to join the top accounting firm in the country. With his outstanding memory, observation, adaptation, and sense of justice that ordinary accountants rarely have, he is more than a perfect employee. Je Kyun and Seung Jo are father and son, and Je Kyun is the Vice President of the accounting firm. Despite the fact that he is well-known for his generous personality, he is a man who does not hesitate to get what he wants. Seung Jo is the ace accountant of the firm who’s quite the opposite of Ho Woo. These two work together with numbers to achieve their own goals. Their goals are different, but they are headed towards the same target. Will they be able to serve justice in this accounting firm?

Director: Kim Chil Bong

Also known as: Hoegyebeobin 회계법인 Accounting Firm Neombeoseu: Bildingsupui Gamsijadeul 넘버스 NUM:ERS NUMBERS Numbers: Observers in the Building Forest


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

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