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Once and Forever (2023)


In the early 21st century, Xie Qiao gets admitted to Beiqing University, where He Xiao Zhou, her secret crush, studies. Qin Chuan, her childhood sweetheart, who is studying abroad, is in love with her. Yet, he just hides his affection deep in his heart and always bickers with her for fun. As Qian Xi, Xie Qiao’s roommate, and He Xiao Zhou are together, Xie Qiao’s unrequited love comes to an end. Qin Chuan comes back home to start his own business for her sake and also encourages her to seek the value of her life. Finally, they end up being together. Over time, these carefree young people all start their own adventures in the world and go through ups and downs. Their life paths are different, but the courage and fighting spirit of their youth still constantly drive them forward.

Also known as: Once Young Once a Youth Our Young Ceng Shiao Nian Ceng Shao Nian Zhi Zhang Da Le Ceng Shao Nian Cheng Zhang Ban 曾少年之长大了 曾少年 成长版 曾少年之長大了 曾少年 成長版


Status: Ongoing

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