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Tricksters (2023)


This film is set in a remote town during the era of the Republic of China, where the poor Xu Tian You and his mother struggle to make a living. During a thunderstorm, Xu takes shelter in a pavilion where he encounters three mysterious men gambling with a box of silver coins. The winner would take all the coins inside the box. Xu joins the game but one of the players suddenly drops dead after losing, and Xu realizes that this was a deadly game. Afterwards, several servants in the town are found murdered and strange occurrences begin happening. Detective Han Ming and the mayor’s daughter Zhang Pan Er team up to investigate and track down the killer.

Also known as: Min Su Guai Wen Lu Zhi Gui Xi Ban 民俗怪聞錄之詭戲班 Tricksters


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

Genres: , , ,

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Tricksters (2023) full episodes

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