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A Perfect Gentleman (2023)


Back in 1992, Scar of the Kam gang was a fearsome fighter. During an ambush of rival Eight, Scar found himself set up and in danger. He worked with Eight to get out of trouble, but the fight turned into bloodshed. Scar was sentenced to jail for 20 years, where he read a book written by a Zen master. Inspired, he realised there were more important things in life than fighting. Now, out of jail, Scar is approached by Seven, who succeeded the gang when her husband Eight died. Scar rejects her invitation as he is determined to stay away from the underworld. The once prominent Kam gang is now run by four small potatoes. To protect the gang’s reputation, they decide to revive the gang’s only remaining business, a spa. Scar promises to help them, while being reluctantly involved in Seven’s underworld matters at the same time…

Also known as: A Perfect Gentleman Gu Huo Zi Ji Du Qiao Lang Jun Gu Huo Zi Gik Dou Ciu Long Gwan Gu Waak Zai Gu Waak Jai Gik Dou Ciu Long Gwan 极度俏郎君古惑仔 極度俏郎君古惑仔 古惑仔


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:


Starring: , , , , ,

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