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Killing Procedures (2023)


J is a freelance hitman who does low-risk jobs like pulling someone off life support. He keeps his fees low to stay competitive. During a certain mission, the boss of a company that employs hitmen wants to hire him. J knows that his employment is a mere marketing strategy, so he boldly negotiates and gets the company to allow him to continue doing low-risk jobs. However, his peaceful life is turned upside down by his colleagues. While on a mission to kill a vegetable patient, J almost dies when Jing, a fellow hitman with superhero ideals, gets involved. In another mission, what was supposed to be a cash transport job for an underground casino turns out to be a bloody robbery. When J complains to the company, he gets assigned to be the driver for a top-notch hitman who has lots of enemies. When he complains again, the general manager assigns him to train Chloe, an operator who has never killed anyone, to be a killer.

Also known as: Killing Procedures Useless Assassin J Sha Shou Fei J Saat Sau Fai J Sat Sau Fai J 杀手废J


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:


Starring: , , , , ,

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