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One Day: Seiya no kara Sawagi (2023)


Three people come from different backgrounds and face their own troubles. Their fate leads them to face each other as their destinies become intertwined. At 0AM on December 24th, a fatal shooting case took place at a Yamashita wharf in Yokohama. When Suguroji Seiji wakes up, he finds a dead person right in front of him. The dead person was shot in the head. Suguroji Seiji can’t remember anything about what happened, but he becomes the prime suspect. He is chased by the police. He follows his blurred memories and tries to find clues about the murder. Tachiaoi Tokio is a chef of a famous restaurant in Yokohama. The restaurant has been there for 80 years and through 3 generations. Since his wife died, Tachiaoi Tokio has been alone. He has decided never to fall in love again. On Christmas Eve, he is busy preparing meals for his restaurant, which is completely booked. At that time, a male stranger breaks into his restaurant. Kurauchi Kikyo works as a newscaster for a local TV station in Yokohama. She has hosted her news program for 10 years. Suddenly, she is informed that her news program is canceled and she will be transferred to a cooking program. Nevertheless, Kurauchi Kikyo heads out to the shooting murder case site to cover her last news story.

Director: Suzuki Masayuki

Also known as: One Day: Seiya no kara Sawagi ONE DAY: Wonderful Christmas Ado One Day: Christmas Eve


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

Genres: , , ,

Starring: , , , , ,

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